“I’ve been using the Salfordinsole range for some years now and having studied at Salford around the time of release I was privy to the process and effort that went into this product. Specialising in the lower limb as an extended scope podiatrist, I treat a lot of hips and knees as well as feet and ankles. 


I’ve used the orange device many times and what I find most useful is that it does positively affect the outcome measures compared to the vast majority of orthotics that I’ve tried using.  It is also very slim, easily fitting in a football boot, trainer and even cycling shoes. 


I would recommend the services and products from Salford insole and look forward to working with the team for many years to come.”


Stuart Campbell, Total Sports Podiatry.

“The biggest selling point for me is the durability and single piece construction – I can explain to patients that they will not deform as foam does, will remain as they are from new and function consistently”


Neil Williams, 360 Foot Care.

“Lots of positive feedback from patients. Slim construction, shape and comprehensive range of individual sizes make them suitable for more styles of footwear, including business shoes (often better than full custom). Single material construction means they are washable and hygienic.”


Karlyn Harfoot, Harfoot Podiatry, Hong Kong.

“As a podiatrist I have been prescribing Salford orthotic insoles for ten years. They are one of the most accommodating and robust full-length orthotics on the market, fitting into most shoes without any compromise on correction or support. Great for school shoes and narrower footwear.”


 “Salfords are always my 1st choice of orthotics for children. They adapt so quickly. The great benefit of Salfords over other orthotics is they are easy to sanitise and so durable. Unlike other flexible orthotics they don't deform and lose their effectiveness. A downside of the orthotics are when children outgrow them, there is still lots of life left! Salfords go on and on. Offer great return on investing in one's feet!”



Katrina Waller-Jarrett, Compleet Feet & Aesthetics.

“We use Salfords for a range of foot problems relating to even the most severely over pronating feet and I feel personally that full length orthotics are the most effective due to a more stable fit within the shoe. Salfords are designed to fit in a wide range of shoes, boots and sports footwear, with the blue and orange versions offering variations of firmness and flexibility.”


Neil Boyle, InStep Podiatry.